Our innovative platform helps researchers and plant breeders bring Sustainable Seeds and Agri Chemicals to market faster and cheaper.
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Bio Informatics

Genome Assisted Breeding Lines Prediction

Our Seed Discovery platform helps with genomic discoveries and plant breeding decision support, programme design and monitoring. We provide multidimensional data analysis and provide decision support for actionable insights using Genomic selection and GWAS analysis backed by Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence.


Autonomous Phenotypic data capture

Our integration of instrumentation and HHC(Hand Held Computer) based data collection, satellite/drone data and mobile apps based data capture helps both field operators and data matrix enrichment for targeted genome phenome studies.

Enterprise Solution

Multi Location Agri-Trials design / management

Our platform facilitates multi location agricultural trials with the help of its dynamic design management system backed by autonomous data capture.

Agro-climatically variant land resource portfolio for Agri-Trials

We provide agro-climatically variant land resource portfolio which helps in diversifying agri-trials in a more robust manner.

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It Solutions
Data life cycle is complex and involved process covering a wide spectrum. Its an intricate process involving data collection, storage, analysis, deriving actionable insights and information dispersion.

Building infrastructure to support this spectrum adds to the complexity. We help organisations to scale up to meet these challenges.

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